We aim to be your favorite local computer repair shop!

We have provided some of the finest computer repair services in the Grand Rapids area. While our service area is now quite extensive, we’ve never lost that ‘small business touch’, providing careful, truly personal service to customers all over West Michigan. Our current customers really appreciate that level of service, and we know you will too.

How ICS got started

Actually, we didn’t start out as a local computer repair store at all. The seed of Insight Computer Solutions took root 20 years ago when the owner of ICS was just starting out with his first business. Over the next 6 years he found himself with 5 businesses in and around Allendale, all relying on computers for their daily operations. With 20 computers spread between these businesses, issues were inevitable.
It quickly became apparent that it was a good idea to become your own tech support department in order to keep things running smoothly. After dealing with computer issues all day at work most people would probably avoid computers like the plague once they got home. However being the obsessive sort (at least where technology is concerned) the founder of ICS would generally “relax” at home with at least a half dozen computers setup for various purposes. Add to this a constant stream of friends and family with computers needing repair, it was not unusual to find computers set up in every room of the house (except the bathroom of course – that would be gross).
Finally, after being told for years that he should repair computers as a business, he listened. He is now using his obsession and experience to help make others’ computer experience more positive and productive. His friends are perhaps the only ones to lose out on the deal, since they now find themselves having to pay for his services. In the end it’s all about people unlocking their potential and staying connected.
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