Senior Computers For Senior Citizens


Our Specialized Senior Computers can open up a world of possibilities.

Senior Computers for Senior CitizensCurrently only 59% of seniors use the internet. Many say that they are intimidated and believe it’s too complicated. In many ways they are correct. The print is too small. There are too many buttons. Too many features are hidden. The world needs, and has needed, a good senior computer for a good long time!

Unfortunately, with newer operating systems, the problem only seems to be getting worse. Think about your first experience with Windows 8.

Computers For Senior Citizens

How the heck do you even shut this thing down? If it was that hard for us – computers are our job, after all – what chance does everyone else have?
This realization led us to start looking for ways to make computers more user friendly for seniors. Surprisingly, there did not seem to be very many options available and the ones that were out there were really disappointing! They either missed the point entirely or were so buggy they would only frustrate someone already uncertain about using a computer.

After much testing and research we were able make the computer experience more accessible, and a great deal easier to grasp. We made it possible for almost anyone to enjoy the benefits of the computer age. With just a little encouragement and instruction seniors that never touched a computer before were surfing the internet, sending emails with attachments, downloading and saving photos, and even video chatting with friends and family.

We offer options that include setting someone up with a full system as well as using an existing computer that they may already own.  In cases where we are able to use your existing computer you can realize a substantial savings.

With Senior Computers, when your parents don’t answer the phone it could be that they are too busy surfing the internet. You should probably send them an email or a video chat request. This is the service that I enjoy the most. I’m dedicated to “connecting peoples worlds through technology.”

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The Advantage of Using Senior Computers

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