At Insight we offer a range of services to help you make the most of today’s technology.
Strange things happening on your computer? Errors, Searches going wrong, or not getting the performance you’re used to? We can help:

·        Virus, spyware and malware removal

Viruses and other forms of malware could infect your computer at any time, exposing your private data or preventing you from using your machines entirely. But ICS has what it takes to set things right.

·        Computer updates, upgrades, replacements

Is it time to upgrade or outright replace your aging, slow computer or tablet for something that can do everything you need? We can help, and make sure your new machine has everything you need.

·        Data security and backup solutions

These days you simply can’t be too careful. Taking the time to secure your computer and internet access thoroughly, and keeping a backup of all your irreplaceable photos and data can save a lot of trouble.

·        Revitalizing old, slow machines

Sometimes all it takes is a small software or hardware upgrade, and you can be off and running, enjoying the full speed of today’s internet and media services. We can help get you back in the fast lane.

·        Cheap phone service and free long distance

VoIP is changing the way we use the telephone, and for many Americans, long distance bills are a thing of the past. We can even set you up with video calling, almost certainly forless than you pay for your land line.

·        Parental locks and content blocking

It’s a shame what happens on the internet these days, and many parents struggle to keep their children away from ‘that side’ of the web. With modern, secure parental blocking services, at least yours will be safe.

·        Consultation and Sourcing

Buying, leasing or upgrading a set of computers for even a small business can be nerve-wracking, and surprisingly expensive. ICS can help you find the best software, hardware, or both at the best prices.